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Brief History of

Cabela’s was founded in 1961 by Richard N. Cabela as a sporting products reseller. The business increased in the early years, prompting an expansion to Nebraska in 1963. Today, over half of all sales made by the company come from hunting merchandise, while a third comes from the sale of ammunition and firearms. The company bought the mail order business from Gander Mountain in 1996 shortly before it declared bankruptcy. In 2006, Cabela’s site ranked No. 1 among the best outdoor merchandise dealers in the world.

In 2007, Gander Mountain tried to renter the mail-order business, a decision that compelled Cabela’s to lodge a lawsuit against the company to prevent it from competing with the older subsidiary it sold to Cabela’s. Gander Mountain won the case. In 2013, Cabela’s sued Gander Mountain, again, this time over the fold-up cot that Gander sold. In December the same year, Cabela’s sued Gander Mountains for the third time for cybersquatting. In October 2016, Cabela sold to Bass Pro Shops at $5.5 billion.

How Does Cabela’s Survey Work?

It works very much like any other retail survey in the world. The customers give unique codes printed on their retail store receipts, which they are asked to feed into the system via the web before answering a few questions about their overall experience with Cabela’s store and services. The participants are sometimes asked to provide personal information, which may be used to reward them with prizes. The most often paid prize/reward given is coupons that guarantee $20 off on any purchase worth $150.

What Are the Objectives of Cabela’s Retail Survey?

Companies of Cabela’s caliber seldom adds an extra item on their list of core activities, and when they do so, obviously, an additional cost is added on their books. But more often than not, they try to ensure that the returns are worth the investment. Such is the case of the retail survey division of this company. If you are wondering why a company like Cabela’s would venture into the customer survey, here are the reasons:

  • To ensure that the needs of their customers are satisfied
  • To get to understand how their customers make decisions and how to make the most out of those decisions
  • To establish a direct communication channel between the company and the customers; this ensures that the grievances of the customers reach the management quickly enough
  • To improve the aspects of the business by working more on service delivery, décor, and other necessities that can please the customers
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How Do You Prepare Yourself For

Proper preparation is essential if you want to complete Cabela’s Retail Survey more easily. Here is how to prepare yourself:

    • Put your receipts in order. Ensure that you armed with a Cabela’s valid receipt. Also, ensure that your receipt has the survey invitation code printed on it. You won’t be able to participate in the survey without this code
    • Prepare a pen which you’ll use to scribble down stuff and write the validation code
    • Ensure your internet connection is functioning properly
    • Have access to a smart device that you can use to connect to the internet

So What Are The Requirements?

    • All participants signed to Cabela’s Retail Survey program must be 18 years of age or more at the time of signing up
    • Everyone interested in taking part in the survey at must be a documented resident of the U.S. District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.
    • Participants must possess a survey invitation or recent sales receipt which will provide them with all necessary information such as survey codes etc. that must declare during the survey
    • All Clients participating in the Cabela’s Retail Survey situated at must be in a position to recall their previous shopping experience or dealingS with Cabela’s
    • Ensure that your web browser supports Javascript. Also, ensure that the cookies from Cabela’s website are enabled details
    • The validity of the receipt expires in 7 days
    • The entry method is via the internet
    • No purchase is required
    • Retail survey prize: An $150 Coupon carries $20 off
    • Each Cabela’s receipt can only be used once in the survey
    • The sooner you participate in the study, the better
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What Are Survey Restrictions?

    • Individuals affiliated to Cabela’s restricted from participating in the survey. Includes but not limited to employees, sponsors, administrators, and anyone whose family member works or affiliated to Cabelas
    • Entrants are discouraged from sharing partial feedback or any bias that could distort the truthfulness of their entire feedback
    • Winners cannot share or transfer the prize to another person or redeem the prize for cash
    • Participants of the survey forbidden from influencing other participant’s feedback

What Are The Survey Participation Instructions?

Cabela’s Retail Survey has eased the process of survey, minimizing the number of steps the participant has to go through to complete a survey on the website. Follow these steps, and you could get $20 off!

    • You need to have a PC or a mobile device that can access the internet
    • Start the process by visiting Cabela’s survey site at
    • Clients will be appreciated by the website to participate in the client satisfaction survey. Read all the rules and directions before embarking on the review
    • Take the sales receipt you received from Cabelas and feed the information into correct boxes
    • Proceed to type the alphanumeric (can be numerical or alphabetical) beginning with X located below the barcode on the Cabela’s sales receipt
    • Start the survey by clicking on the ‘Next’ button
    • At the start of the study, participants will give a set of survey questions related to their personal experience at Cabela’s
    • Answer the provided questions as honestly as you can
    • The site might ask you to provide some own which meant for the survey’s lucky draw


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