® – Official USPS Customer Survey – 2019 survey by USPS – what you need to know?

The USPS conducts customer surveys to find out all about how customers are satisfied (or dissatisfied) with their postal services. The results of the surveys are linked to business best practices, marketing programs, and other strategies that are aimed at making customer engagement more efficient.

As a customer, you get to express your opinion regarding the survey, while learning something from the survey as well. When you point out the products or services that you like or dislike, you reveal what makes you the ideal customer. This is one of the various ways the company can tailor its services to meet your needs.

Please make sure you submit your own opinion regardless of whether it is negative or positive. Feel free to do so without fear of intimidation because each customer that takes the survey comes with a different opinion.

The information you provide helps the company achieve insight into the different customer segments that exist. The company then comes up with the right services to serve the various sections. The company also finds ways to develop a relationship with you through the enhancement of the quality of the services to make sure you stay happy and satisfied.

Today we look at the U.S. Postal Service Customer experience survey, and how to do it.

Eligibility for the USPS Survey

The survey is eligible to people that have purchased at a local post office.

Step 1: Starting the Survey


The first step is to navigate to – and choose the language that you prefer. The survey comes in two languages – English and Spanish. Choose a language that you are more comfortable with. In case you get any problems related to the survey, you can send an email with the complaint.

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The survey is short, and won’t take you more than 3 minutes of your time. All the responses that you provide are confidential and won’t be divulged to any other person.

The next step is to enter the zip code of the area that you bought the service from. This is found at the top of your receipt, right below the location of the post office and above the phone number and date.

You next have to select a location where you made the last purchase for service. Depending on the zip code you have provided, the survey suggests a location, usually the most popular location of the area.

Again, you have to enter the date of the last transaction. This is usually on the receipt at the bottom, next to the phone number. Make sure the date coincides with the purchase because this will be checked.

Step 2: Leave Feedback

Once you have completed the few steps outlined above, the next step is to leave feedback depending on how you rate the services. The rating is from Very satisfied to Very Dissatisfied, with other options in between.

The option you choose will dictate the response from the system. If you select “Very Satisfied,” the system automatically appreciate the selection and requests you to click on continue to complete the survey. If you choose “Very Dissatisfied,” the system apologizes in advance for your experience and requests you to continue to complete the survey.

Step 3: How Likely to Recommend the Service

The survey gives you ten options to select on how likely you are to recommend the service to a colleague. The response you provide depends on your experience with the services offered by the company. You can choose not at all likely, or extremely likely depending on the level of satisfaction you enjoyed.

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For every choice, you need to give a primary reason behind your selection. The text box allows you to write up to 2000 words, which is enough to explain in detail what you underwent at the experience of the company. Be frank and explain the various things that happened to make you recommend the service or not.

Step 4: Finale

You can then answer some questions about how you need to a sales associate to behave, how long you stayed on the queue before getting served, and many other subjects.

All in all, the survey consists of 10 steps, with most of the questions requiring you to choose an option. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and you are done!


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  1. I am a veteran, and my meds accidentally got shipped out late. Was not the fault of the postal service, but a fault of the pharmacy. I got in touch with the USPS office near me and not only did they help me sort out the whole mess, but they even delivered it straight to my house. Thank you again!

  2. The staff at the Main street building in Simpsonville SC always provides the absolute best service! They are still so friendly, efficient, and professional. I was in and out in less than five minutes, knowing that my package would arrive on time for Mother’s Day. Yay!

  3. I prefer USPS over UPS and Fed-Ex. Their rates are fair, I’ve never had a single issue with them before, they deliver right to your door, and so much more. You just can’t beat all of the perks they offer. They’re amazing!

  4. My experiences with USPS delivery has been stellar! You always get top quality with them. Value, pride, integrity, and care! I know I will still receive these with USPS.

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